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Backyard Views

On September 10, 2001, I closed on my first home--a condominium in Madison, Wisconsin. My main windows and my deck face west-northwest, and from time to time I'm treated to spectacular sunsets and great storms. Take a look around--I think you'll like the view from my place.

Backyard Views

05/02/2002 20:50 CDT
05/06/2002 20:54 CDT
05/06/2002 21:54 CDT
05/06/2002 22:10 CDT
05/06/2002 22:20 CDT
06/26/2002 19:33 CDT
10/31/2002 18:21 CST
11/10/2002 18:12 CST
02/20/2008 05:24 CST

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