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Ready to Kayak

Castaway Cay, The Bahamas; April 11, 2014:  At the end of our hike along the road that leads away from Serenity Bay, there were several two-person canoes. We all then headed across a very, very shallow bay, and enjoyed some sunshine on a secluded beach. Unfortunately, because I didn't have any waterproof containers, I couldn't bring my camera along. The thing about kayaking in salt water--it's pretty much guaranteed that if your camera gets wet, it's fried.

Eastern Caribbean 2014

Days 1-3: At Sea

Jetty Park
The AquaDuck
Over the Sea
Deck 11
Deck 14
Cocktail Hour

Day 4: Sint Maarten/Saint Martin

On Approach
Downtown Beach
That Yoda Guy
Street Markets
Little Bird
Green Key
Orient Beach
Rest Stop
One Last Look
Sunset in Port
Nighttime Cruising
Chip, Dale, and Lisa
Fireworks at Sea

Day 5: St. Thomas

Skyride to Paradise Point
On The Mountain
Opposing View
Hassel Island
Magens Bay Overlook
World Famous Mountain Top
St. Thomas Shopping
Heading Out

Day 7: Castaway Cay

Bahama Morning
Mickey and Pluto
On the Beach
Ready to Kayak
Lazy Day at Serenity Bay Beach
Hanging Out at Rustmore
Ready to Go

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