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Ohio 1999

One of the benefits of having friends who live all over the country (and all over the world) is that you often get the chance to visit places you ordinarily wouldn't make plans to visit. Such was the case when I visited Columbus, Ohio, from February 24 through 28, 1999. My friend Stephanie was celebrating her birthday, and I needed a long weekend where I could relax, unwind, and see what Ohio had to offer. The links below will give you a glimpse into the things I saw and the places I went. Unfortunately I didn't take many pictures, but the photos I did take should give you an idea of what Ohio has to offer.

A note on the picture above: This was actually taken inside the Ohio State House. This bust rests atop a small monument commemorating the Civil War Battle of Vicksburg.

Ohio 1999

Downtown Columbus
State House
Church Courtyard
Kennedy's Plane

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