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Door County 2003

Wisconsin is home to a lot of great places, and one of my favorite is Door County. However, during the summer Door County is packed with people, and I prefer my vacations to be a little less crowded. So this year I decided to head to Door County for a November weekend, after all of the Halloween celebrations and before any of the Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities. From November 7 to 9, 2003, I managed to have a good time in very cold Door County--where there are five state parks, an incredible amount of shoreline along both Green Bay and Lake Michigan, and, at least during this time period, temperatures that barely got above freezing.

Door County 2003

Sturgeon Bay
End of Day Hiker
Ice on the Bay
Eastern Terminus
Ice Age Trailhead
Potawatomi Sunset
Lynd Point Trail
Newport Trail
Rowley's Bay Trail
Ellison Bay Bluff
Near Cana Island
Cana Island Lighthouse
Sunset Trail
Eagle Bluff Lighthouse
Eagle Trail
Horseshoe Island

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