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East Coast 2011



The USSYAA scheduled regional gatherings in Boston and New York on January 21 and January 24, 2011, and as president of the association it was a fantastic opportunity to meet several members of the organization. But when we weren't having our formal meetings, I had some time to tour both Boston and New York City.

East Coast 2011

Sam Adams Brewhouse
Aging Barrels
Trinity Church
Boston Common Lagoon
Beacon Hill
State House
Granary Cemetery
Boston Harbor

Hayden Planetarium
Dinosaur Time
Times Square 1
Times Square 2
ABC Studios
Midtown Daytime
Midtown Nighttime
Strawberry Fields
Central Park
Rockefeller Center
NBC Studios
Flatiron Building
Empire State Building
Liberty Island
Brooklyn Bridge
Wall Street
WTC Site
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