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North Carolina 1999

Because of my extensive travels, I got an offer from Northwest Airlines for buy-one, get-one-free tickets. Of course, I couldn't pass up an offer like that, so I called my friend Jason and, in October 1999, we headed to North Carolina to visit our friend Eric. From October 9 through 17, Jason and I explored the area around New Bern, North Carolina, with Eric joining us for the last few days. Three guys with a lot of time means trouble, and somehow I don't think North Carolina will be the same after our visit.

Shown above is part of a plaque of the Wright Brothers, located at Kitty Hawk. That was just one of the many places that Jason and I visited in our travels before Eric arrived from the Raleigh-Durham area.

North Carolina 1999

Fort Macon Warning
Fort Macon Battlements
Tryon Palace
Tryon Gardens
Kitty Hawk Plaque
The Newe Forte
Bodie Island Lighthouse

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