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Washington DC 2012


Being the outgoing president of the United States Senate Youth Alumni Association, there were numerous events that I had been invited to by the William Randolph Hearst Foundations and the United States Senate Youth Program. However, because of the discretion that is ingrained in all of us who have been in the Program and in the executive ranks of the Association, I don't have photos of these events that I can share. (Besides, both organizations have their own photographers so that I can focus on the events, rather than my camera.) I can, however, share some of my tourist photos from my "downtime" in Washington. I was extremely fortunate this year in that the weather was so unseasonably warm from March 1 to March 10, the cherry blossoms began to bloom. You can't ask for a more beautiful city in the springtime.

Washington DC 2012

Touring the Capitol
America's Most Wanted
Not a Crook
Elephant Time
Visiting Florida?
On the Prowl
Brewmaster Gothic
Cherry Blossoms
Ambassadorial Morning

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