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Minnesota 2011


Having some vacation time to burn up, as well as plenty of timeshare points to use, can be great motivation for taking off for a week. I decided to stay reasonably close to home and went to a place called Breezy Point, which is a resort community located on Pelican Lake north of Brainerd, Minnesota. (From home, it was a little less than eight hours and a little more than 400 miles of driving.) While I was staying there, I had a chance to catch up on my fiction reading (John Barnes's Daybreak Zero and Robert Sawyer's WWW: Wonder), do some light hiking, relax in my unit's hot tub, visit a new Minnesota brewery, and even take a very short and boring trip into Canada.

Minnesota 2011

Pelican Lake
Canada Goose
Fire Tower
Pequot Lakes
Chiarella Walking Trail
Leech Lake Brewery
Big Falls
Pither's Point
Rainy Lake
Oberholtzer Trail
Red Squirrel

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