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Northeast Wisconsin 2013


With spring off to a cold and wet start, I had no illusions that going further north would bring better weather. However, I was looking for a change of pace from my normal work schedule, and making the relatively short drive to Mishicot (about 150 miles from home) for a week seemed like a good way to explore a part of the state that I don't often get a chance to visit. It was also a way to start getting ready for summer hiking, without the heat or the mosquitoes.

Northeast Wisconsin 2013

Ice on the Bay
Clinging to the Rocks
Water-Age Trail
Toward Green Bay
Lake Michigan Sun
Snowy Sand Dunes
Mid-April Trails
Snowy Walkway in the Wetlands
Whitefish Bay
Snow, Ice, Water
Lake Michigan Clouds
Flowing Toward the Lake
Captain's Quarters
Maritime Museum
Haunted Hotel
Blustery Morning
Creek to Lake
Kids Love Lambeau Field
Packers Owner
Frozen Beach
Horseshoe Island

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