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Traveling from Prague to Sweden was a couple of very easy flights, with no time change. When I arrived on June 20, it was 7:45 in the evening, with sunset still about three hours away. I met up with my friend Robert, and thus began my adventure in Sweden, which included lots of sightseeing in the Stockholm area, as well as some traditional Midsummer activities just north of town.

2006 World Tour

Riddarholmskyrkan 1
Karlsberg Slott
The Vasa
Ship Preservation
Top of the Ship
Changing of the Guard
Marching Band
German Church
Riddarholmskyrkan 2
Wrangelska Palatset
Riddarholmskyrkan 3
Stockholm at Night
City on the Water
Midsummer Festival
Midsummer Table
Late Night in the Country

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The estimated July 2006 population of Sweden is approximately 9.0 million people. The total area of the country is 449,964 square kilometers (173,732 square miles), making it slightly larger than California.

Source: CIA World Factbook

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