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After a twelve-hour flight, I arrived in Japan on June 9 at about 5:00 pm local time. The next morning at about 7:00 am, I was on a train with my friend Eric to Kanazawa for the Hyakumangoku Festival. After a few days in Kanazawa and one night in the UNESCO World Heritage site at Shirakawa-go, I was back in Tokyo for some great sightseeing. Japan is a great country to visit--especially when you have friends that are fluent in the language and culture.

2006 World Tour

Higashi Chaya District
Kanazawa Castle
Gokurakubashi Bridge
Kenrokuen Garden
Kotoji Lantern
Ladder Acrobats
Killing a Dragon
Myoruji Temple
Nishi Geisha House
Nagamichi Samurai District
Kanazawa Station
Dog Waste 1
San Francisco
Uchinada Sunset
Nanao Castle Ruins
Nanao Castle Marker
Anamizu Waterfront Path
Anamizu Lighthouse
Dog Waste 2
Maruoka Castle
Maruoka Visitors
Eiheiji Visitors
Chujakumon and Butsuden
Fukui Castle
Hakusan Range
Shiroyama Viewpoint
Wada House
Gassho-Zukuri Minka-En
Room at Magoemon
Deai Bridge
T.Y. Harbor Brewing
Tokyo Monorail
Rainbow Bridge
Tokugawa on a Turtle
Yodobashi Camera
Tokyo Dome
Kirin Girl

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The estimated July 2006 population of Japan is approximately 127.5 million people. The total area of the country is 377,835 square kilometers (145,883 square miles), making it slightly smaller than California.

Source: CIA World Factbook

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