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Deadhorse Trail

Near Mercer, Wisconsin; July 8, 2013:  Since it was a beautiful day I decided to go for a hike on the Deadhorse Trail outside of Mercer. There has been an awful lot of rainfall this summer, and that made for a somewhat wet and swampy hike, with lots of insects swarming as I walked through their territory. Here is one of the swampier low-lying areas along the hunter's trail.

Mercer 2013

Shay's Dam
Deadhorse Trail
Trude Lake
Higher Ground
Upson Falls
MECCA Trails
Beaver Dam
Fisher Lake Boating

Deadhorse Lake Trail; July 8, 2013. Distance: 5.07 miles; Time in Motion: 1:24:42.

Plot courtesy of Adam Schneider's GPS Visualizer.

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