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Beaver Dam

Mercer, Wisconsin; July 10, 2013:  I took this picture from the bridge over the Turtle River in the MECCA trails. The bridge led to some tall grass and the Little Turtle parking area, but I used that as a turnaround point for doing more exploring. The bugs were very annoying, and the biting flies were pretty good at getting through my hiking shirt and biting my shoulderblades. Still, it was a scenic hike and I had the trail system to myself, which is always nice.

Mercer 2013

Shay's Dam
Deadhorse Trail
Trude Lake
Higher Ground
Upson Falls
MECCA Trails
Beaver Dam
Fisher Lake Boating

MECCA Trails; July 10, 2013. Distance: 5.60 miles; Time in Motion: 1:30:17.

Plot courtesy of Adam Schneider's GPS Visualizer.

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