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Washington DC 2007


This is my tenth trip to Washington (1987, 1990, and each year from 2000 onward), and as the Vice-President of the USSYAA, it's one of the busiest. A meeting on Capitol Hill, a dinner in the historic James Monroe house on I Street, a Senate reception...it keeps me busy. There's frequently some downtime, though, and I try to do new things every year. These are my personal photos from the trip; organizational photos I took will be available at the USSYAA site.

Washington DC 2007

Capitol from the NMAI
The Potomac
The Beaver and the Mink
US Capitol
Library of Congress
Too Low
Jefferson Building
WWII Memorial
White House
Washington Monument Fines
Wisconsin Stone
Pandas and Bamboo
Hungry Hippo
Tiger on the Prowl
Ford's Theater
Bill of Rights
Key Bridge at Night

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