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South Carolina 2010


Way back in 1996, I made a trip into the southernmost part of South Carolina at Hilton Head, and ever since, I've been somewhat curious about what the rest of the state is like. This year, I decided to take a week-long spring vacation to the Myrtle Beach area of South Carolina, to get a feel for why this is such a popular tourist destination and see what it's really like.

South Carolina 2010

Cartwheel Bay
Bay Flora
Birds and Oysters
Sandpiper Pond
Wind on the Beach
Murrells Inlet Jetty
Cedar Creek
Wise Lake
Weston Lake
Point 11
Dwarf Palmetto
Bluff Trail
Myrtle Beach
Tsunami Warning
Old Boat House
Cape Fear Lighthouse
Old Baldy
Shortcut Trail
Cape Fear
Fiddler Crabs
Backyard Gator
Oak Island Lighthouse
Charles Pinckney Site
Nature Trail
Fort Moultrie
WWII Bunker
Fort Sumter
St. Philip's Church
Custom House
Broad Street

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