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New Mexico 2005


Part of the fun of traveling is going somewhere you've never been before. With very little advance research, I decided to go to the area of Ruidoso, New Mexico, in late September 2005. The plan: Hike, sightsee, have fun. And breathe the mountain air.


New Mexico 2005

Monjeau Lookout
White Mountain Wilderness
Mountain Clearing
Fox Spring
Crest Trail #25
Mountain Valley
Turnaround Point
Valley of Fires
Juniper on Lava
Lava Outcrop
Desert Trail
Very Large Array
Astronomer Wannabe
Science in the Desert
Solar Observatory
Apache Point
Tunnel Vista
Space History
White Sands
Lonely Trail
Sunset at the Pedestal
Big Bonito Trail
Trail #25 North
Toward White Sands
Cloudy Mountains

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