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Repel the Invaders

Shown here are the rooftops of Himeji castle. You'll notice a few cutouts in the wall at the lower center of the picture. These aren't windows--archers would fire arrows through these cutouts, or pour hot oil on invaders below. Despite these precautions, though, Himeji-jo was never attacked, or, as the English brochure for the castle states, "Fortunately the castle has never been involved with the evil of ill war."

Japan 1998

Country Life
Small-Town Ogoe
Abukumado Cave
Takine Observatory
Misty River
Torii at Nikko
On the Inside
Kegon No Taki
Edo-Tokyo Museum
Train Station Advertising
Yebisu Garden Place
Can I take a picture with you?
The Masses at Sensoji
Weird Architecture
Advertising Part II
Night in Shinjuku
Imperial Gardens I
Imperial Gardens II
Imperial Gardens III
Imperial Gardens IV
Landmark Tower
Yokohama Architecture
Under Construction
Dusk in Yokohama
Himeji Castle Grounds
Castle Corridor
Repel the Invaders
The High Castle
Bomb Dome
Peace Bell
Bomb Dome, Over the River
Kintai Bridge
Iwakuni Castle
Itsukushima Shrine
Otorii Gate
Mount Azuma
Mount Bandai
Giant Goldfish
Aizu Folklore

In 1998, nearly 32% of Japan's electricity was produced in nuclear reactors.

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